The Program You Recommend to the Ones You Love

We’re all wired pretty much the same in that we’re not going to share something with a loved one unless we really like it and believe in it. The last thing any of us wants to do is steer our loved ones the wrong way.

Over the 17 years I’ve been conducting my classes something I’ve notice over and over is Lifestyle 180 is something my students are proud of. They tell their doctor about it, their friends, and most impressively for me, they tell their most beloved family.

Lifestyle 180 is the program you recommend to the ones you love.

“Googs”, a busy CPA, did Lifestyle 180 first and lost over 100lbs. Still a work in progress he recommended it to Mom.

It became quite clear where Googs got his tenacity from. Mom (Judith), an RN, graduated the 18-week course and lost 52 pounds.

Both Googs and Judith got their tuition reimbursed for being top students in their class. Not only did they succeed but they got to lose the weight for FREE.


Check out Ken and his Sister Tammy too. Ken, a chemistry teacher, did the program first, losing over 50 pounds. Tammy saw her Brother’s results and joined the next semester. As Tammy, a Registered Nurse, says, “The hardest part was admitting to my Brother he was right!”


Carol, a Doctor of Physical Therapy first did the program and then her Sister Jan, an Occupational Therapist, followed suit. Can barely tell they’re sisters right? Wow!


Daniel, an engineer, first did the program and lost over 50 pounds. Two semesters later, Wife Connie, a piano teacher, enrolled, lost all the weight she wanted and graduated. Now, together, they live a healthy, lean lifestyle.


Now’s the time to badger, pester, taunt, shame, do whatever you have to and convince someone you love to do Lifestyle 180 with you.

Not only will you have more fun and be more successful if you do Lifestyle 180 with someone but you both save money. Bottom line? One of you pays full price, the other gets in for half off. If it were me and a friend we’d just split the cost 50:50.

On Monday, January 16th I’ll be opening the doors for early-bird enrollment to our 32nd Lifestyle 180 course since 1999! Only 100 spots are available and I expect them to all go quickly.

If you enroll in Lifestyle 180 here’s a quick snapshot of what you’ll get:

  • You get in before it’s too late. There won’t be a new class until July.
  • Lose up to 10-percent loss of body weight in the first six weeks
  • Lose up to 89 pounds in 18 weeks (not a joke)
  • Privacy and anonymity—no in-person meetings to attend
  • 18 weeks of direct support, education and oversight from Lifestyle 180 Coaches
  • Guaranteed results—graduate Lifestyle180 and if you haven’t lost at least 10% of your present weight (assuming you have that much to lose) and you aren’t leaner, healthier and more confident about keeping the weight off forever I’ll double your money back.
  • Learn how and why to eat right and to consistently make the right choices
  • Experienced Graduate Assistants (Coaches) supporting you who lost their weight with this program in the past
  • Daily accountability, motivation and personal support to keep you going strong and consistent
  • Goal setting for short, medium and long-range success
  • New friendships that may last a lifetime
  • Group support and encouragement
  • An organized system for recording, tracking and reporting what matters most
  • Strength and cardio exercise program for optimal calorie burn, strength and mental sharpness

If you want or need to lose a few or a few dozen LBs now’s the time to not only get personally fired up to start January 25th but also to get your best friend, spouse, partner, relative or co-worker to do it with you!

You can read more about Lifestyle 180 here:

I hope you, or even better, you and someone you love, decide to jump in before all the seats are taken. Enrollment starts Monday, January 16th. Be sure you’re on the EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION LIST (link either in the right column on this page or at the bottom) so you get my email notifying once the doors open.

Serving you to help turn your body and life around,

David Greenwalt B.Sc., – Founder
Certified Wellness Coach
Leanness Lifestyle University

P.S.: Call, email, instant message, text, Tweet or, dare I say it, MEET IN PERSON, your BFF, then prepare to badger, pester, push, pull, taunt, shame and do whatever you have to and convince them to do Lifestyle 180 with you!

P.P.S: Still with me? Great! Check out this video that explains my weight-loss philosophy and see if you agree that I totally get where you’re at right now. Click the link below.