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Give Your Friend a 7-Day FREE Trial, a 1-on-1 with David, and a $300 Discount if they Enroll

You Get $100, a Virtual Hug and a Big Thank You From Us.

Just visit and share the link below or copy/paste it to a friend.

- OR -

   In a group text, introduce your friend to David, and David to your friend. You should only do so after already discussing LLU with them and them indicating they're interested in losing weight and learning more about us.

Group Text w/David

Viewing on Your Phone - "Press and Hold" number below to start a text with David

Start a text to me and add your friend.

Copy/paste this text and edit as you want.

Hey <friend's name>, meet Coach David, it's his program that I've been following, the one we talked about. Coach David meet <friend's name>.  [ brief intro of friend ] 

I’ll let you two take it from here.

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