Popcorn Vs. Potato Chips

A new study published in Nutrition Journal was titled “Popcorn is more satiating than potato chips in normal-weight adults.”

One cup of regular potato chips is about 28g and 150 calories. Six cups of low-fat popcorn is 27g and 100 calories.

Participants expressed less hunger, more satisfaction, and lower estimates of prospective food consumption after six cups of popcorn compared to one cup of potato chips. This, even though the chips are 150 calories and the popcorn only 100 calories. Yes, the volume and fiber of the popcorn seemed to be the difference.

Air-popped or low-fat microwaved popcorn is NOT a bad snack. Six cups of air-popped or low-fat microwaved popcorn is 110-120 calories, about 2g of fat and 21g of carbs with 4g of fiber.

Leave all the butter and other crap off of it and it’s definitely something most can have once in a while.