Lose the weight one more time, for the last time.

Hi, I want to welcome a fellow fan of trainer Jake Marshall (JM Performance)! My name is David Greenwalt. I’m the author of “The Leanness Lifestyle”, the founder of Leanness Lifestyle University and a Certified Wellness Coach. In 1999 I developed a breakthrough system anyone can use for losing the weight one more time, for the last time.

I know what to do, I just need to do it”

Isn’t that what you’ve told yourself over and over? Shouldn’t you just be able to pick yourself up by your bootstraps and do this alone? No!

You’ve tried the quick-fix gimmicks, gadgets, and pills. I get it..it seems like you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked. Should you try again? What if you fail? it’s unbearable to think about wasting money, maybe or maybe not losing weight, again, only to regain it, again.

A Better Program with a Better Ending

Although it might feel like it, you haven’t tried every program. You haven’t worked with me. My system is better and different than any other and it has a different ending than all the others. You can achieve the body, the health and the life you desire. You won’t achieve it doing the same thing you’ve been doing, but you WILL achieve it with me, my TEAM approach and the step-by-step education system you get as a student in Lifestyle 180.

Why Work with Me?

Today I’m in my mid 50s (That’s me in the red shirt), but I’ve been heavy  (That before pic is really me at age 32) and I know what it feels like to look in the mirror in disgust.

I learned what it takes to get off the extra fluff and keep it off. I’ll teach you not only everything I personally do to stay lean and fit but, more importantly, what I’ve learned over the past two decades helping thousands of everyday people who wanted and deserved to be successful, but were unable to before working with me and doing Lifestyle 180.

What Do You Get as a Lifestyle 180 Student?

Lifestyle 180 was built to help you lose the weight one more time, for the last time. In order to do that we’ve taken a well-rounded approach. That’s why, for 18 weeks, Lifestyle 180 provides everything from education and coaching to an evidence-based, flexible eating plan (no foods are off limits), and exercise plan that meets you where you are, accountability, on-going motivation, stronger emotional fitness and community-driven support. We give YOU the support YOU need.


We all do better with a Coach and an accountability partner. We provide both. You’ll have regular checkins from David and his coaches through our website, text or messenger and you’ll be able to ask questions anytime you want. If you go MIA? We’ll find you and get you going again.


Our eating plan has an evidence-based framework but it’s not rigid. No foods are off limits. It’s not keto, and it’s flexible so your personal tastes, allergies, abilities, time constraints and family cultures can still be honored. We also provide a Nutrition Quick-Start Guide, hundreds of done-for-you recipes, and grocery list. Will it work if you have a family to feed? Yes. What if you’re vegan? No problem. If you’re willing to eat food? We can make it work.


Together, we’ll get you an exercise plan that meets you where you are for equipment, time, abilities and limitations. No gym membership or personal trainer is required. You only need your body to start. We also provide an Exercise Quick-Start Guide to make getting started even easier.


We’ll make sure you know what’s a stretch but doable, what’s realistic and what’s safe for both short- and long-term goal setting. For any goal we also give guidelines for calories and macros.


We focus on enhanced emotional fitness because we know a successful body transformation is an inside-out job. We grow the inside as we shrink the outside. Becoming more emotionally fit helps you feel more authentically good. When you awaken each day refreshed, with a clear, sharp mind, a good mood, and the energy you need to better serve you and everyone depending on you, the nutrition and exercise work becomes easier, consistent and sustained.


You’ll have access to our members-only facebook group for community-driven support. No matter how much or how little support you have at home you’re never alone. Our Coaches will be there as well as experienced successes and brand new students.


With our web-based, online campus we keep everything secure, private and organized. You won’t need to buy any additional software or apps. You can access it from your desktop, laptop, ipad or phone.


Are you dealing with menopause, andropause, a thyroid issue, diabetes, gastric-bypass relapse or something else? Are you on meds that you might be able to eliminate or scale back if you got your health in line? These are common and we welcome you. We don’t dispense or counter medical advice but we do work with you and your medical providers to make sure, together, you have the proper nutrition and exercise framework for optimal health, fat loss and fitness. With regular check-ups by providers our student-members often get to reduce or eliminate drugs and sickness-based doctor visits, copays and prescription costs.


With Lifestyle 180 there are no in-person meetings, no miracle supplements, no gimmicks, no broken promises and no special foods to buy.


You can be done losing weight. Think about that a second. You’re DONE losing weight. You’re not searching for the next magic bullet or miracle cure. You’re DONE. You don’t awaken each day thinking about losing weight because you’re DONE. You aren’t spending any more money on weight loss. You’re DONE. Everything we do is about losing the fat-weight one more time, for the last time. With Lifestyle 180 we can get you to DONE.


At first you’ll get to start shopping your closet for the smaller sizes, sometimes brand new items that don’t fit right now. How amazing would it be to have just 1-2 sizes of clothes in your closets and dressers instead of six? How much could you save if you didn’t have to change sizes every few months or years?


You can make 2021 the year you really keep the promise to yourself to get your health, your body and your life back on track.


There are loads of 28-day and six-week programs out there. Honestly, 15 or so years ago we also ran the shorter programs. But we’ve been doing this more than 20 years now and we’ve learned. To make sure every student can really get all the fat-weight they want off and learn how to keep it off for good there needs to be ongoing education, accountability, motivation and support. It’s enticing to think the short programs can do the trick. The reality is over 95% of the time they just don’t. In 18 weeks you can weigh 60+ pounds less if you have that much to lose and you can be well on your way to putting in place the habits to make sure you’ve lost the weight one more time, for the last time.


Lifestyle 180 is 100% guaranteed. Try us out for two weeks and if you aren’t stoked about everything we are just tell me and I’ll refund your money. It will be that simple. It’s easy to make this guarantee because I can count on one hand the number of requests I’ve had in 20 years.

Not sure if we offer what you need? Don’t hesitate to Contact us!

You’re Closer Than You Think

Regardless of whether you are 25 or 150 pounds from where you want to be, you are only missing a critical 2%. But this 2% is the difference between losing all the weight you want, living the life you were destined to live, and falling short, over and over and over.

And you will continue to be 2% away from your ultimate body, health, energy and life, until you close that gap. Lifestyle 180 will close the 2% gap and you’ll win your weight loss battle once and for all. With my TEAM approach I will teach you, lead you and walk beside you for 18 solid weeks.

2% The gap between where you want to be and where you are now is only 2%. Lifestyle 180 will close the gap and you’ll win your weight loss battle once and for all.

10% Lose 10% of your today body weight in the first 6 weeks.

The TEAM Approach

Lifestyle 180 gives you the formula-the Time, Education, Accountability, and Mentoring support you need to finally drop the pounds and experience a permanent transformation.

  • Time
    We save you time with our Nutrition Quick-Start, Exercise Quick Start, hundreds of done-for-you recipes, and grocery list.
  • Education
    One lesson a day to help you sort out all the nutrition, exercise and emotional-eating hacks.
  • Accountability
    Accountability to help you honor your promises. Regular check-ins from Coaches even if you don’t check in with us.
  • Mentoring
    Mentoring and support from me, Coaches and fellow students.

Two Keys to Success

So how does Lifestyle 180 work? You only need two things to be successful with the course.

  • Full-on commitment to lose the excess weight
  • A coachable spirit

If you’re ready to do this? And you are willing to take reasonable, healthy, direction from an expert? Then you will succeed and this’ll be the last time you lose this weight.

Say Yes to Yourself

If you’re ready to proudly attend all of the graduations and weddings of children and grandchildren, to once again feel comfortable in and out of your clothes, to enjoy the second half of your life, off medications, and without worrying so much about health conditions, to be a more positive influence on family and friends and to have the energy and enthusiasm to live life to the fullest, then you need to say YES to yourself, know you deserve this for yourself, rest easy knowing Lifestyle 180 is 100% guaranteed and you are working with the very best.

Lose 10% of Your Today Weight in 6 Weeks

It’s true. The real-life graduates you see on this page are just a few of the hundreds of students who have been successful with my help and the Lifestyle 180 program. Will you lose 10% of your today weight in just six weeks? Yes, if you have it to lose and you follow my guidance. Yes. You will. You really will.

Let’s be real. Weight loss can be hard even with all the right elements in place. But you know what? Living life too heavy is VERY hard. Doing Lifestyle 180 and losing this weight won’t be as hard as going to bed and waking every day in regret. And it sure as heck won’t be as hard as living sick, fat and completely out of gas.

100% No-Worry Guarantee

Follow the program, do what is asked, and if you complete the course and you’re not thrilled with your results let me know and I’ll refund you with no strings attached. It’s that simple.

Feeling Scared? That’s a Good Thing

If you feel scared to start or commit that’s actually a good sign. It means you realize you’ve found not just something different and new, but something that really can be the solution to your weight-fighting problem, once and for all.

If you’ll listen to me, if you will honor yourself with this gift to yourself, you absolutely, positively, will be successful just like hundreds of others before you have been.

Your success is my personal mission. I will do everything in my power to make sure you win and meet your weight loss goals.

  • Lifestyle 180
  • Just $138 $97 down and then
    $138 $97/month × 4 months
    (No ongoing payments after)
    $590 $385 Single Payment
    (No ongoing payments after)
  • 18 weeks of TEAM support
    Strategies for Keeping Motivation
    Flexible, Evidenced-Based Eating
    Done-for-you Recipes
    Emotional-eating Strategies
    Flexible Exercise Plan
    Private Facebook Group Community
    Facebook LIVEs Each Week With David
    100% Guaranteed
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Are You Ready?

So now the only thing left to do then is decide; Are you’re ready to lose the weight one more time for the last time?

If you’re ready to say yes to yourself, ready to live without regret and satisfy the piece of you that will never accept less than you know you can achieve, then get started right away, today, and click the link below.

Seeing My Clients Succeed is My Passion

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