My Certainty is Greater Than Your Doubt

fear_of_failureHundreds of graduates have told me their thinking, prior to taking a deep breath and clicking the ENROLL NOW button, was “If I don’t start-I can’t fail again.”

But over the decades I’ve been coaching weight loss literally hundreds of graduates have personally told me the “don’t start-can’t fail” statement is just a protective cover up and is not what they really feel inside.

You know how the other diet-programs end. They end with you regaining some, all, or more than all the weight you lost using their program. This time the ending will be different.

If you have doubts, fears or concerns that you’ll start and fail then as the founder and head Coach let me say this “My certainty is greater than your doubt.” This time you will be successful. You can lose the weight one more time for the last time.

How can I be so certain? Decades of experience working with thousands of successful students since 1999.

You haven’t tried everything. You haven’t you haven’t had the power of T-E-A-M and Lifestyle 180 working for you. Your story, this time, has a different, better ending. This time you win!

This time the ending will be different because Lifestyle 180 is different.

Neither I nor the program I created is going to lie or mislead you. I won’t tell you that some miracle pill, powder, potion or secret exercise regimen is going to be your simple weight-loss miracle. There is no such thing. Weight-loss, in our modern environment, is complex but Lifestyle 180 is a real lifestyle-education program that simplifies the processes necessary to help you get and keep the weight off permanently.

Afraid You’ll Fail Again? You’re Not Alone

Check out what one graduate had to say on the subject of them being afraid to start because of their fear of failing again.

“I was scared half to death when I first thought about enrolling in this course. What if I fail? Am I going to waste my money again? What if I can’t meet the requirements? What if I don’t pass?
I’m middle-aged and my hip hurts. What if the exercise demands are too much? This guy says I don’t scare him but he doesn’t really know my secret eating issues.What will happen when he finds out?

So I thought about it for a couple days. I prayed about it. I read the letter and watched the video again and again. I finally just decided to take a leap of faith, believe in myself one more time and go for it.

I thought to myself `If I don’t start I don’t fail’ but then realized that everyday I stay too fat I fail. Everyday I don’t take care of myself the way I want to I fail. Everyday I overeat the wrong foods I fail. Everyday my biggest clothes in my closet are all I have left I fail. I’m failing everyday I don’t at least try to get better.

Before I enrolled I was so nervous my hand was shaking. I literally thought I was going to be sick. But then I clicked the enroll link, filled everything out, and as soon as I did this I knew I had done the right thing. I felt a sense of pride and I felt empowered, things I hadn’t felt in a long time.

And I’m so glad I did.

I graduated! Woo hoo! Oh, and I lost 53 pounds in just 18 weeks!

Now I feel like I’m unstoppable. Like now that I’ve conquered this behemoth I can conquer anything! What will I do next? Maybe I’ll focus on making us rich! Whatever I choose I have the confidence and a brand new mindset that I know will help me to succeed as I Pursue Worthy Endeavors and Persist Without Exception.

What would I tell someone standing in my shoes before I started? Feel the fear and do it anyway. You’ve got nothing to lose but inches and pounds!”

Feeling Scared is a Good Thing

If you too feel scared to sign up because you think you might fail again that’s actually a good sign.

It may be excitement that feels like fear or it might be genuine fear. But whatever it is it means you’ve realized you’ve found not just something different and new, but something that really can be the solution to your weight fighting problem, once and for all.

What I’ll tell you now is if you’ll listen to me, if you will honor yourself with this gift to you, you absolutely, positively, will be successful like hundreds of other weight fighters just like you have been.

This is not a job for me. It’s my personal mission. I will do everything in my power to make sure you win and meet your weight loss goals.

If you enroll in Lifestyle 180 here’s a quick snapshot of what you’ll get:

  • Lose up to 10-percent loss of body weight in the first six weeks
  • Lose up to 89 pounds in 18 weeks (not a joke)
  • Privacy and anonymity—no in-person meetings to attend
  • 18 weeks of direct support, education and oversight from Lifestyle 180 Coaches
  • Guaranteed results—graduate Lifestyle180 and if you haven’t lost at least 10% of your present weight (assuming you have that much to lose) and you aren’t leaner, healthier and more confident about keeping the weight off forever I’ll double your money back.
  • Learn how and why to eat right and to consistently make the right choices
  • Experienced Graduate Assistants (Coaches) supporting you who lost their weight with this program in the past
  • Daily accountability, motivation and personal support to keep you going strong and consistent
  • Goal setting for short, medium and long-range success
  • New friendships that may last a lifetime
  • Group support and encouragement
  • An organized system for recording, tracking and reporting what matters most
  • Strength and cardio exercise program for optimal calorie burn, strength and mental sharpness

If you want or need to lose a few or a few dozen LBs now’s the time to not only get personally fired up to start but also to get your best friend, spouse, partner, relative or co-worker to do it with you! Check out these successful graduates who did it with someone they love.

You can read more about Lifestyle 180 here:


Serving you to help turn your body and life around,

David Greenwalt B.Sc., – Founder
Certified Wellness Coach
Leanness Lifestyle University

P.S.: Call, email, instant message, text, Tweet or, dare I say it, MEET IN PERSON, your BFF, then prepare to badger, pester, push, pull, taunt, shame and do whatever you have to and convince them to do Lifestyle 180 with you!

P.P.S: Still with me? Great! Check out this video that explains my weight-loss philosophy and see if you agree that I totally get where you’re at right now. Click the link below.