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FAQ (Please Watch the 1:40 Video Too)


Those who have 10-150lbs to lose (and maintainers!)
– – Have struggled with consistent progress
– – OR
– – Have come up short in reaching your ultimate goal weight or body fat
– – OR
– – Have regained weight previously lost
– – OR
– – Want to keep maintaining!


– I’ll be going LIVE on YouTube each Wednesday starting Sep 21st through Nov 4th. For those not in Fit For Fall I’ll put a State of the Class replay on Facebook each Wednesday.

– Fit For Fall members will be doing one, 1-minute video lesson a day instead of the regular lessons.

– Fit For Fall members will get a workout of the week (WOW). I’ll release it on Thursday evening with an expectation that it be done by Monday evening. It’ll be scalable for anyone of any skill and fitness.

– A prize every week minimum for a top student or two.

– Graduate the Open and get a cool Fit For Fall Open tee or tank!

– All the rest is the same as usual (You get us coaches, still want you to clear your to-do list, all the fundaceptional stuff that makes us and you great!)

Your membership (as a current member right now) will be extended until the start of our next big cohort Feb 1st, 2023!

– Question? Text David:  8 1 5 Nine Seven Three 0 1 4 2

(this was spelled out so that auto page crawlers don’t grab my phone!)

LLU Fit For Fall Open

Sep 21st - Nov 4th 2022

1 Payment of $87