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Let's Make it More Personal, Better and Different: Join the Fit for Fall Open and Unlock Your True Potential

You're already a member of LLU. But if you still have at least 10% of your today weight to lose and you're ready to level up, reclaim your health, and achieve what that piece inside of you knows you are capable of and deserve?

Then it’s time to snag one of the very limited spots available for my 18-week Fit For Fall Open which begins July 12th and ends November 15th, the week before Thanksgiving.

You’ll finish the Open at least 10% lighter than you are today or it's free, and just in time to slide into the holidays in great shape, and ready to stay strong throughout the season.

And as a current LLU member you'll get it for $200 less than everyone else just so I cover your most recent $97 re-up tuition.

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Everything You Need for 18 Weeks to End Relapse, Lose Up to 20% of Your Today Weight & Elevate Your Fitness Game 

Weekly 1-on-1 Zoom or Call with David (Never offered before - $150 value each)
A proven, 24-years refined, step-by-step system with every tracking tool and strategy you need - nothing else to buy or download - no special foods or supplements
Lose the fat, keep the muscle - one more time for the last time. Up to 10% of your today weight in six weeks, 20% in 18 weeks.
Members-only accountability, motivation and support directly from me
Flexible nutrition coaching - no food groups eliminated. No food is forbidden
Workout of the Week - scaled versions for every fitness level
Community support group with new and living-in-success members 
The end of emotional eating through stronger emotional fitness
Unstoppable willpower - the crucial strategy been missing
The end of triggered, off-plan eating
$300 savings until July 4th 
Immediate access and FREE days until July 12th 
100% Guaranteed - Complete the program. Lose at least 10% of your today weight by Nov. 15th or you can request and receive a full refund.

LLU Founder - David Greenwalt

My Judges for the 2023 CrossFit Open


What Sets Us Apart? Success. Clients Feeling Amazing LIVING at Their Goal Weight - You Can Too - Yes You Can

100% Money Back Guarantee

Complete the program. If your goal is to lose at least 10% of your today weight and that doesn't happen by November 15th? You can request a refund from David and that'll be that.

Only 1 Seat Left. One Payment of $590 or $138/Month X 5

We never sell or share your info.


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