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   Nutrition is the the base of fitness, and a fundamental building block for achieving optimal health and performance.

   At Leanness Lifestyle University (LLU) we place a great emphasis on nutrition with an evidence-based, flexible framework. It's not rigid. No food is forbidden.

   Once you know what to eat for your ideal body composition, health and fitness, how do you stay true to your plan with all of the external stressors and temptations you face day in and day out? By strengthening emotional fitness.

   Being emotionally fit means you're better able to overcome challenges, make good decisions in the face of adversity, and maintain a positive outlook on life.

   Emotional fitness is not a fixed trait like eye color. Like a muscle or skill, it’s something that can be strengthened with education, practice and effort.

   We focus heavily on emotional fitness so your nutrition behaviors consistently support your goals and you feel authentically good more often.

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Flexible nutrition coaching - no food groups eliminated. No food is forbidden
If you CrossFit 👍 Already have a coach 👍 - and if not we can customize a plan for you. No gym membership required. Your body can be your gym
Community support group with new and living-in-success members 
The end of emotional eating through stronger emotional fitness
Unstoppable willpower - the strategy you've been missing that works
The end of triggered, off-plan eating
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