Hi, my name is David Greenwalt, I’m a former Illinois State Trooper, author of “The Leanness Lifestyle”and creator of Leanness Lifestyle University. I’m a Certified Wellness Coach through the American College of Sports Medicine.

I understand the 99% boredom broken up by 1% sheer terror. Are you ready when the 1% presents? Beyond being ready, do you look and feel your best?

I think it’s a travesty that the average expected lifespan of police officers is 66 years of age. Police officers experience increased heart disease, cancer, suicide and divorce compared to others not involved in such work. Much of this is related to lifestyle issues and poor stress-management skills.

These sad facts don’t have to play out the way they commonly do.

Being Physically Fit Positively Impacts On and Off-Duty Life

  • Physical fitness relates to the ability of officers to better perform essential functions of the job.
  • Being more physically fit minimizes the risk of excessive force situations.
  • Officers who maintain good physical fitness are less likely to be injured in the line of duty and more likely to recover faster from an on or off duty injury.
  • Officers who are physically fit are less likely to suffer from chronic medical and psychological conditions which will negatively impact his or her life well beyond their employment with their Department.
  • Departments may be liable for consequences relating to unfit personnel.
  • Let’s be real; Being fit and feeling good positively impacts every aspect of our lives.

Many people think of physical fitness as having the capacity to do work (i.e., exercise). Being physically active is important, however, physical fitness should involve not only physical activity but also a lifestyle-management program teaching nutrition, the benefits of exercise and goal setting for lifelong weight management. My approach, with my Lifestyle 180 course, addresses the nutritional, exercise and behavioral issues for maximum, long-term results.

Whether your department has a wellness policy that requires ongoing fitness evaluations or you’re just personally interested in losing excess fat and getting in great shape no one has more experience and no one knows more about what it really takes to help you lose the excess fat, and achieve the whole package relating to physical fitness, than me.

Since 1999 when I wrote The Leanness Lifestyle and created the first online weight-loss education course, I have helped thousands of men and women from every walk of life to lose excess fat and sculpt their bodies with my 18-week course called Lifestyle 180.

What Is Lifestyle 180?

Lifestyle180 is an online 18-week weight-loss and weight-maintenance course.

Lifestyle180 delivers the education, support, accountability and motivation to ensure that you lose up to 10% of your body weight in the first six weeks and up to 89 pounds in just 18 weeks. Because our focus is on permanent weight control, you’ll not only lose weight quickly and safely, as a student of Lifestyle180 you’ll learn the science-backed secrets of keeping the weight off for life.

No travel or in-person meetings are required.

Lifestyle180 Is For You If You…

  • want to lose at least 10 pounds
  • need to lose as much as 89 pounds in just 18 weeks
  • are willing to use the internet (we’re mobile/tablet friendly too) 10-15 minutes a day
  • want to learn the science of permanent weight loss
  • are ready to put yourself first for a few months
  • have a burning desire to lose weight or maintain the weight you’ve lost
  • have a coachable spirit

Beyond diet, Lifestyle 180 will help you turn your body and your life around.

All diets focus on weight loss. Lifestyle 180 isn’t a diet. We’re different. We deliver evidence-based lifestyle education for permanent weight control.

It’s 18 Weeks: How Does It Work?

Week 1: Week 1 of Lifestyle 180, your orientation week, begins Wednesday. In week 1 you’ll explore and become familiar with the online campus.

Weeks 2-6: Receive your first lessons on nutrition, exercise and emotional fitness. Utilize the online campus to record weight, food, exercise and to communicate with Coaches and other students in your cohort. Lose up to 10% of your body weight!

Week 7: Transition week – a chance to regroup, catch your breath and get ready for the next five-week serious action period.

Weeks 8-12: Receive your next lessons. Spend about 15 minutes a day at the online campus to record basic data and to stay in the loop with timely education and support messages. Lose up to another 8% of your body weight!

Week 13: Transition week

Weeks 14-17: Receive your next lessons. Spend about 15 minutes a day at the online campus to record basic data and to stay in the loop with timely education and support messages. Lose up to another 7% of your body weight!

Week 18: Celebrate your hard work and successes!

Don’t Take My Word For It

Police, fire and corrections officers and department heads speak highly of the course. Check out just a few of the letters I’ve received.

Husband, Father and Lee County Correction’s Officer Jack Skrogstad lost 85 pounds, improved his blood pressure, his relationship with his wife, his softball skills and even the ability to tie his own shoes!

Between the ages of 24 and 48, he went from 170 pounds to a peak of 255 pounds. He was hypertensive, had a 42-inch waist, wore 2x shirts, hated the way he looked, felt he was cheating his wife out of the man she married and says he literally had to hold is breath and tie his shoes quickly because of his belly.

jack_skrogstad Jack graduated from Lifestyle 180 losing nearly 60 pounds and then continued in the next evolution beyond Lifestyle 180 as well. In all Jack lost 85 pounds going from 255 to 170. Jack lost the weight in spite of working two jobs (57 hours a week) and being lured by the aroma of the McDonald’s food he had to serve the inmates on a daily basis

An avid softball player Jack says it’s so much easier now to pick up a ground ball, run bases and he recently turned a double into a triple and had an inside-the-park homerun! He feels more honorable in being the man his wife married, his blood pressure is normalized and it’s no longer a race or a challenge to tie his shoes.

Jack reiterates what he’s been taught when people ask what he did to lose so much weight. He tells them it’s 80% nutrition and you have to have a strong WHY but don’t think doing just those two things is the best approach. Jack is quick to state that having the accountability along with the support and education of Lifestyle 180 are important, especially in the beginning, for people who have struggled to lose the weight and keep it off.

Firefighter Matt wrote me to say thank you for the outstanding weight-management program. I share Matt’s letter with you but first want to say, “No Matt, thank YOU for your service and for your support.”


I just wanted to send you a short note thanking you for providing such an outstanding weight-management program. Lifestyle 180 has allowed me to shed 47 pounds during my first experience with your program, and 20 pounds of fat this last year, and add muscle during the process.

You were a police officer for 10 years. I know you are aware (first hand) the importance of staying in shape and being on-the-ready for anything and everything that came your way. As a firefighter, our days can be very mentally and physically stressful. Being out of shape or less than our best makes it harder for us to serve the people who have entrusted us with their safety and care. Now that I’m in shape I feel much more prepared for the incredible diversity my day may demand

Knowing that your known more for your actions than words in the fire service, a high level of health and fitness is of the up most importance to me. I have competed in the “Firefighter Combat Challenges” for over 4 years. Before I lost the weight and got in shape I was slower and less competitive. I have shaved a full minute off my time, which is now 2:08, and I’m getting closer and closer to my 2-minute goal.

Your program provided me the education, accountability, motivation and support to lose this weight the right way and, for what I believe, will be the last time losing it. Thank you.

What Do You Get as a Lifestyle 180 Student?

  • Personal Coaching and support from me and Assistant Coaches for 18 weeks
  • Lose up to 10-percent of your starting weight in the first six weeks
  • Lose up to 89 pounds in 18 weeks (not a joke)
  • Privacy and anonymity—no in-person meetings to attend. Your department is NEVER given any of your data or told you are enrolled.
  • 18 weeks of direct support, education and oversight from Lifestyle 180 Coaches
  • Guaranteed results—lose 20+ pounds in six weeks and you can get all of your investment refunded.
  • Learn how and why to eat right and to consistently make the right choices
  • Daily accountability, motivation and personal support to keep you going strong and consistent
  • Goal setting for short, medium and long-range success
  • New friendships that may last a lifetime
  • Group support and encouragement
  • Organized system for recording, tracking and reporting what matters most
  • Strength and cardio exercise program for optimal calorie burn, strength and mental sharpness

Diets don’t work. Applied education does. Go back to school and learn how to lose the weight one more time for the last time.

Transform your body. Lose weight and keep it off while you achieve a fitness level you thought was impossible.

These are not the clichéd claims of yet another weight loss program. This is what we can accomplish together when you enroll in Lifestyle 180.

100% No-Worry DO-IT-FOR-FREE Guarantee

First, not in a MILLION years would I ever screw over anyone, let alone a brother officer. But we all like to see a guarantee in writing though so … enroll and if you lose 20+ pounds in six weeks I’ll refund every penny and you can continue the remaining 12 weeks at no charge. When you lose 20+ pounds within six weeks it really means you get to the do the entire 18-week course for FREE!

So now the only thing left to do then is decide if you’re ready to lose the excess fat and get in great shape If you’re ready to say yes to yourself, ready to live without regret and satisfy the piece of you that will never accept less than you know you can achieve, then enroll now so you can be assured of getting the best discounts and I’ll see you on campus really soon.

Serving you to turn your body and your life around,

David Greenwalt B.Sc. – Founder
Certified Wellness Coach (ACSM – Wellcoach)

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