Gym Membership Video

Click This Link To Watch a Video of this very funny YouTube video. In an effort to further my readers’ transformation success I feel it’s important that if you purchase a gym membership that you know these secrets about the purchase. This video I’d rate PG-13 so parental discretion is advised.

8 CDs You Should Own

Hi everyone, I’ve been busy revamping some products and I’d like to re-introduce you to my Leanness Lifestyle Audio Companion. The Audio Companion is not just my Leanness Lifestyle book on audio. It’s a lot of what is in the book but also substantially more than is in the book in so many ways. Quite…


Mentors Answer Your Questions

If you are not currently a member of Leanness Lifestyle Online this message is for you. I’ve always made myself available to answer questions of those who want to know more about Leanness Lifestyle Online before they sign up. What I’ve realized is I’ve always had an incredible, untapped resource in dedicated, enthusiastic and best…