About Us
Leanness Lifestyle University was founded in 1999 by David Greenwalt. As an early adopter of the Internet, David saw the potential of two-way real-time communication unique to this form of media.

Leanness Lifestyle was launched from inception with a science-based educational framework. Having worked directly with clients since 1986, David had already realized that “calories in calories out” messaging didn’t work.

Telling people their weight was all their fault and all they needed to do was “eat less and exercise more” was, and is, the standard, and a grossly ineffective approach.

David knew the only real way to help people lose fat, keep muscle, and then keep the fat off permanently was to educate and provide a truly personal touch. Leanness Lifestyle was the first online program to couple nutrition, exercise and emotional-fitness education with accountability, motivation, and personal support.

Many evolutions and advancements have occurred since 1999 and continue today.

David is a Certified Wellness Coach earning his certification from the leading authority of wellness training—WellCoach™. Today, now more befitting of the original and continued education mindset, the website is called Leanness Lifestyle University (LLU). LLU provides a robust online campus with tools that lead the field in recording, tracking, reporting and scoring the behaviors optimal for successful weight-management. LLU is completely mobile and tablet friendly too!

How Do You Get Started?

As an individual wanting to lose the weight one more time, for the last time start HERE.

If you’re a gym or personal trainer who’d like to see how we can help you deliver nutrition with better results, happier clients, greater profit and no extra duties then start HERE.

If you’re a company wanting to add a first or additional weight-management component to your wellness offering then start HERE.