If You Have At Least 15 Pounds to Lose, and You’re Serious About Stripping the Extra Fat Once and For All Lifestyle 180 is the Right Mentoring and Coaching Program for You

Hi, my name is David Greenwalt and I am the Coach and weight loss expert you’ve been looking for. Be there no mistake. No one has more experience working with tough cases and no one knows more about what it really takes to help you lose the weight and keep it off, than me.

Since 1999 when I wrote The Leanness Lifestyle and created the first online weight-loss education course, I have helped thousands of men and women from every walk of life to sculpt their bodies, heal their minds, and permanently lose the weight.

You’ve been heavier than you want to be too long. It’s painful to think about. 25, 50, 100 pounds heavier than you ever imagined.

The battle scars may becoming clear– joint issues, slow-to-heal injuries, fatigue, diabetes, menopause, high blood pressure or cholesterol. You really do have less muscle and a slower metabolism than when you were a teenager.

It’d be nice to have more free time. But most days the demands are as great as ever. It feels overwhelming.

The infomercials promise miracles for $19.95 and just minutes a day. Your friend is doing a cleanse, maybe you should just do paleo. It’s all so confusing.

Shouldn’t you just be able to pick yourself up by your boostraps and do this alone?

I know what to do
I just need to do it.

Isn’t that what you’ve told yourself over and over? Yet here you are, still too heavy and not doing it, whatever IT is.

Disheartened, beaten down, tired, disgusted, frustrated. These words only scratch the surface for what it feels like. Should you even try again? What if you fail? It’s unbearable to think about wasting money, maybe or maybe not losing weight, again, only to regain it, again.

So What Do You Do?

You work with me and let me help you lose the weight one more time for the last time.

Today I’m 52 and I’ve been lean for 17 years, but I’ve been heavy and I know what it feels like to look in the mirror in disgust. Being middle aged I know the task of getting and staying lean is more difficult. A slower metabolism combined with the ravages of time, loss, injuries or disease are not to be ridiculed, scoffed at or minimized.

You’re Closer to Success Than You Might Think

You see, you’re not as far away from winning this as you might think. Regardless of whether you are 25 or 150 pounds from where you want to be, you are only missing a critical 2%. But this 2% is like marching 98 yards down a football field and still being 2 yards short of a touchdown. You don’t get the win unless you can go all the way. And you will continue to be 2 yards short, 2% away from your ultimate body, health, energy and life, until you close that gap.

My weight-loss course, Lifestyle 180, will close the 2% gap and you’ll win your weight loss battle once and for all. With my TEAM approach and the help of my eight assistant coaches I will teach you, lead you and walk beside you as the expert and Coach, for 18 solid weeks.

What Is Lifestyle 180?

Lifestyle180 is an online 18-week weight-loss and weight-maintenance course.

Lifestyle180 delivers the education, support, accountability and motivation to ensure that you lose up to 10% of your body weight in the first six weeks and up to 89 pounds in just 18 weeks. Because our focus is on permanent weight control, you’ll not only lose weight quickly and safely, as a student of Lifestyle180 you’ll learn the science-backed secrets of keeping the weight off for life.

No travel or in-person meetings are required.

Lifestyle180 Is For You If You…
– want to lose at least 10 pounds
– need to lose as much as 89 pounds in just 18 weeks
– are willing to use the internet (we’re mobile/tablet friendly too) 10-15 minutes a day
– want to learn the science of permanent weight loss
– are ready to put yourself first for a few months
– have a burning desire to lose weight or maintain the weight you’ve lost
– have a coachable spirit

Beyond diet, Lifestyle 180 will help you turn your body and your life around.

All diets focus on weight loss. Lifestyle 180 isn’t a diet. We’re different. We deliver evidence-based lifestyle education for permanent weight control.

It’s 18 Weeks: How Does It Work?

Week 1: Week 1 of Lifestyle 180, your orientation week, begins July 12th. That night we’ll all get on a conference phone line for our first kick-off call. But no worries if you can’t make the call. I record each of our 18 weekly calls and you can listen when it’s convenient for you. In week 1 you’ll explore and become familiar with the online campus.

Weeks 2-6: Receive your first lessons on nutrition, exercise and emotional fitness. Utilize the online campus to record weight, food, exercise and to communicate with Coaches and other students in your cohort. Lose up to 10% of your body weight!

Week 7: Class conference call. Transition week

Weeks 8-12: Receive your next lessons. Spend about 15 minutes a day at the online campus to record basic data and to stay in the loop with timely education and support messages. Lose up to another 8% of your body weight!

Week 13: Class conference call. Transition week

Weeks 14-17: Receive your next lessons. Spend about 15 minutes a day at the online campus to record basic data and to stay in the loop with timely education and support messages. Lose up to another 7% of your body weight!

Week 18: Class commencement call. Celebrate your hard work and successes!

The TEAM Approach

TEAM, a four-letter acronym, is woven into the fabric of Lifestyle 180 and it’s responsible for our program positively impacting the lives of so many people for so many years.

“T.” Time- the gift you’ve given others that you MUST give yourself.

“E.” Education to sort out all the nutrition, exercise and emotional hacks.

“A.” Accountability to help you honor your promises.

“M.” Mentoring and support from me, graduate assistants and fellow students.

It’s that simple-Time, Education, Accountability, and Mentoring – your TEAM. So vital to losing weight and keeping it off. Applying my “TEAM” formula is the difference between losing fat permanently and staying in the same vicious cycle.

T – So what about that pesky “T” of the all-important TEAM? Will you need to devote some time for yourself? Yes. I’ll never lie to you. As the flight attendants tell us, you’ve got to put your own oxygen mask on first before best serving others. But you’ll also SAVE TIME. You won’t have to spend hours at the gym. You’ll stop wasting time looking for the next diet. You’ll get any question answered quickly from a trusted source.

E – You will receive the education you need, the nutrition, exercise and life hacks, to ensure you have every tool to navigate the all-too confusing food, exercise and emotional elements of our everyday living.

A – Your Graduate Assistants, me, and the online campus system will help keep you accountable and honoring promises to yourself.

M – Smart people make mistakes but don’t repeat them. But really smart people learn from others’ mistakes. I, your personal Graduate Assistant and fellow students will all be available to mentor you so you don’t have to make the mistakes others have made and so you’re never alone.

Lifestyle 180 gives you the formula–the Time, Education, Accountability, and Mentoring support you need to finally drop the pounds and experience a permanent transformation.

There’s no reason to go it alone and it’s just not as effective. Put your real TEAM in place and lose the weight one more time for the last time.

Two Keys to Success

To be honest, you only need two things to be successful with the course; full-on commitment to lose the excess weight and a coachable spirit. If you’re ready to do this? And you are willing to take reasonable, healthy, direction from an expert? Then you will succeed and you will lose the weight one more time for the last time.

Do you need to use the internet and does the course take time? Yes, but I’ve developed every part of Lifestyle 180 so the busy, stressed, time-strapped student can be successful and still have a life off line.

If you’re limited in mobility or have special dietary needs don’t worry about it. My program meets you where you are and as I’m famous for saying, if necessary, I can get you lean sitting on the couch.

Let’s be real. Weight loss can be hard even with all the right elements in place. But you know what? It won’t be as hard as going to bed and waking every day in regret. And it sure as heck won’t be as hard as living sick, fat and completely out of gas.

A Different, Better Program With a Better Ending

Although it might feel like it, you haven’t tried every program. You haven’t worked with me. My book, my approach, my course is better and different than any other and it has a different ending than all the others. Check out some of my other successful graduates. Like them, you can achieve the body, the health and the life you desire. You won’t achieve it doing the same thing you’ve been doing, but you WILL achieve it with me, my team approach and my step-by-step education system called Lifestyle 180.

Say Yes to Yourself

If you’re ready to proudly attend all of the graduations and weddings of children and grandchildren, to once again feel comfortable in and out of your clothes, to enjoy the next phase of your life, off medications, and without worrying so much about health conditions, to be a more positive influence on family and friends and to have the energy and enthusiasm to live life to the fullest, then you need to say yes to yourself, know you deserve this for yourself and also rest easy knowing Lifestyle 180 is 100% guaranteed and you are working with the very best.

100% No-Worry Guarantee

Enroll and try it for two weeks. If it’s not for you I’ll give you your money back and you can drop out. And if you complete the course and you’re not thrilled with your results let me know and I’ll refund you with no strings attached. It’s that simple.

So now the only thing left to do then is decide if you’re ready to lose the weight one more time for the last time. If you’re ready to say yes to yourself, ready to live without regret and satisfy the piece of you that will never accept less than you know you can achieve, then PRE-REGISTER NOW FOR FREE so you can be assured of getting the best discounts and I’ll see you on campus really soon.

Win Prizes Just Because

give_away_prizesJust because of what? Because we like to have fun and I love my students! A $100 pair of workout shoes, heart-rate monitors, cool shirts, supplements, fantastic audio workouts, awesome storage containers and even an iPad. So now you’re losing the extra, unwanted weight, you’ve got a 100% money-back guarantee working for you, you’re feeling better each and every week and you’re possibly winning prizes. What could be better? You may be able to do the course for FREE!

Top Students Do It For FREE

Graduate the course, be among the top of your class, and you might just get to do this course for FREE. It’s true. todd_vacek_awardIf you’re among the top students in your class you could be recognized as Suma Cum Laude (with highest honors) and receive 100% reimbursement of your tuition (a $500 to $700 value!). This means you may lose all the weight you want, get in the best shape of your life and do it completely FREE.

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