If You Have At Least 10 Pounds to Lose, and You’re Serious About Stripping the Extra Fat Once and For All Lifestyle 180 is the Right Program for You

Hi, my name is David Greenwalt and I am the Coach and weight loss expert you’ve been looking for. No one has more experience working with tough cases and no one knows more about what it really takes to help you lose the weight and keep it off, than me.

Since 1999 when I wrote The Leanness Lifestyle and created the first online weight-loss education course, I have helped thousands of men and women from every walk of life to sculpt their bodies, heal their minds, and permanently lose the weight.

You’re heavier than you want to be. It’s painful to think about. 25, 50, 100 pounds heavier than you ever imagined.

The battle scars may be clear– joint issues, slow-to-heal injuries, fatigue, diabetes, menopause, high blood pressure or cholesterol. You really do have less muscle and a slower metabolism than when you were a teenager.

You thought by now you’d have more free time. But most days the demands are as great as ever. It feels overwhelming.

The infomercials promise miracles for $19.95 and just minutes a day. Your friend is doing a cleanse, maybe you should just do paleo. It’s all so confusing.

Shouldn’t you just be able to pick yourself up by your boostraps and do this alone?

I know what to do
I just need to do it.

Isn’t that what you’ve told yourself over and over? Yet here you are, still too heavy and not doing it, whatever IT is.

Disheartened, beaten down, tired, disgusted, frustrated. These words only scratch the surface for what it feels like. Should you even try again? What if you fail? It’s unbearable to think about wasting money, maybe or maybe not losing weight, again, only to regain it, again.

So What Do You Do?

You work with me and let me help you lose the weight one more time for the last time.

Today I’m 51 and I’ve been lean for 17 years, but I’ve been heavy and I know what it feels like to look in the mirror in disgust. Being middle aged I know the task of getting and staying lean is more difficult. If you’re in my age range? Hey, I get it. A slower metabolism combined with the ravages of time, loss, injuries or disease are not to be ridiculed, scoffed at or minimized.

But you know what else is true now that we’re no longer teenagers? You’ve got wisdom, humility, and life experiences. You’ve tried the quick-fix gimmicks, gadgets, and pills. You’re ready and able to learn what really works and to close the 2% gap between where you are, and where you want to be.

You’re Closer to Success Than You Might Think

You see, you’re not as far away from winning this as you might think. Regardless of whether you are 25 or 150 pounds from where you want to be, you are only missing a critical 2%. But this 2% is the difference between losing all the weight you want, living the life you were destined to live, and falling short, over and over and over. And you will continue to be 2 yards short, 2% away from your ultimate body, health, energy and life, until you close that gap.

Lifestyle 180 will provide the missing pieces and help you close the 2% gap and you’ll win your weight loss battle once and for all. With my TEAM approach and the help of my eight assistant coaches I will teach you, lead you and walk beside you as the expert and Coach, for 18 solid weeks.

The TEAM Approach

T-E-A-M is woven into the fabric of Lifestyle 180 and it’s responsible for our program positively impacting the lives of so many people for so many years.

“T.” Time- the gift you’ve given others that you MUST give yourself.

“E.” Education to sort out all the nutrition, exercise and emotional hacks.

“A.” Accountability to help you honor your promises.

“M.” Mentoring and support from me, graduate assistants and fellow students.

It’s that simple-Time, Education, Accountability, and Mentoring – your TEAM. So vital to losing weight and keeping it off. Applying my “TEAM” formula is the difference between losing fat permanently and staying in the same vicious cycle.

T – So what about that pesky “T” of the all-important TEAM? A real show stopper, something that has likely been holding you back from achieving your ultimate body and life is you’ve been putting everyBODY and everyTHING first before yourself.

When you’re busy making sure your family is happy and healthy, you’re running kids to and from soccer practice, and you’ve been climbing the ladder of success at work, well, you’ve most likely put yourself and your health on the back burner. While it’s admirable, it’s a key factor in what’s prevented you from the body and the life you so badly want and deserve.

As flight attendants tell us, you’ve got to put your own oxygen mask on first before best serving others.

Will you need to devote some time for yourself? Yes, but the good news is I’ve had 17 years to refine the course. And I have created every part of it for the DVR world we all love and need. You’ll also SAVE TIME. You won’t have to spend hours at the gym. You’ll stop wasting time looking for the next diet. You’ll get any question answered quickly from a trusted source.

E – You will receive the education you need, the nutrition, exercise and life hacks, to ensure you have every tool to navigate the all-too confusing food, exercise and emotional elements of our everyday living.

A – Your Graduate Assistants, me, and the online campus system will help keep you accountable and honoring promises to yourself.

M – Smart people make mistakes but don’t repeat them. But really smart people learn from others’ mistakes. Your health and body transformation goals are as much about having the right road map, mentoring and coaching as they are the effort you put into them. Working hard with the wrong program or going it alone is what most people who fail do.

I, your personal Graduate Assistant and fellow students will all be available to mentor you so you don’t have to make the mistakes others have made and so you’re never alone.

Meet Your Amazing Assistant Coaches Helping You Every Step of the Way!

Mary Greenwalt R.N.

Mary was top student in her Lifestyle 180 course many years ago now. She’s an amazing soul, bright, practical, compassionate and professional. She’s maintained a 60-pound loss since 2007! Beyond knowing LLU she deeply understands our philosophies and principles. In her everyday work she is a supervisor and a professional. The support you get from Mary will always leave you knowing she really gets it, she cares and she’s a true pro. Mary is also my wife!

Robin Bergstrom

Robin was a very early user and graduate of one of my first courses. She’s got great spirit and spunk and won’t be letting you get away with any unintentional weaseling. In her professional life she’s an NASM Certified Personal Trainer for the Navy at the Great Lakes Naval base. She knows LLU backward and forward and has Coached for several years now.

Marilyn Groce

Marilyn is a master of the LLU system, a graduate of the program, to-the-point, no-nonsense and cares deeply about each and every student. At some point you will get your food logs reviewed if you become a student. Marilyn is our resident Grand Master reviewer – she catches most everything and she’s going to let you know where you need to improve. You will enjoy her caring yet direct demeanor.

Angie List-Sheets B.ScE

Angie was top student in her Lifestyle 180 course. A seasoned Lifestyler you won’t find a more compassionate Coach and communicator than Angie. Busy with a husband and two kids she continues to exemplify what living a Leanness Lifestyle means and I know you’re going to enjoy Angie’s reviews of your progress during your Lifestyle 180 journey.

Wanda Cox M.S. (Certified Wellness Coach)

Wanda has lost and kept off 120 pounds with LLU! As one of your Coaches you’ll see she delivers a very special mix of intellectual and inspirational communication that is simply tops. Everyone loves Wanda and if you join Lifestyle 180 you will too.

Dr. Deborah Johnson M.D.

Dr. Deb is a graduate of Lifestyle 180, Lifestyle 218 and Lifestyle 365. She has lost and kept off over 70 pounds for several years now. She has traveled the road before you. She has achieved lasting weight-management success. While we have always been attractive to intelligent, science-based individuals from every walk of life, we are so very fortunate to have not only Dr. Deb’s intelligence as a physician but also her wisdom and life experience.

Sandy Dooley

Great things come in small packages and Sandy absolutely exemplifies this in every way. Sandy is a graduate of Lifestyle 180, Lifestyle 218 and Lifestyle 365. She has lost and kept off over 120 pounds for years. Her spirit is undeniable and infectious and she knows of what she speaks. She loves helping students learn the strategies and system she used as an LLU student so they can, like she has, achieve success beyond their wildest dreams.

Chris Avery

Chris Avery is a Lifestyle 180, Lifestyle 218 and Lifestyle 365 graduate. He has lost and kept off over 90 pounds. Although Chris stuggled for many years to get and keep the weight off he’s never been one to give up. Chris is a classic case of someone willing to work incredibly hard and intensely but who, until he found LLU, had his ladder leaning against the wrong wall. Once he put in the effort and intensity with the right ladder leaning against the right wall he has climbed to new heights and our students are fortunate to have his passion working for them to do the same.

Lifestyle 180 gives you the formula–the Time, Education, Accountability, and Mentoring support you need to finally drop the pounds and experience a permanent transformation.

There’s no reason to go it alone. Doing so is not as effective. With your real TEAM in place you’ll be successful.

Two Keys to Success

So how does Lifestyle 180 work? To be honest, you only need two things to be successful with the course; full-on commitment to lose the excess weight and a coachable spirit. If you’re ready to do this? And you are willing to take reasonable, healthy, direction from an expert? Then you will succeed and this’ll be the last time you lose this weight.

Do you need to use the internet and spend 10-15 minutes a day online? Yes, but I’ve developed every part of Lifestyle 180 so the busy student can be successful and still have a life off line.

Lose 20%+ of Your Today Weight in 18 Weeks

Week 1 of Lifestyle 180, your orientation week begins this Wednesday. We’ll start Wednesday with your first “This Week With Coach David” audio where I’ll explain everything you need to know to be a wild success. You can listen when it’s convenient for you. In week 1 you’ll explore and become familiar with the online campus.

Weeks 2-6 you’ll lose about 10% of your current body weight.

Weeks 8-12 we’ll do it again and you’ll lose about 7% of your weight.

Weeks 14-18 we’ll get after it one final time and you’ll drop another 5% of your weight. In all, in just 18 weeks, you can expect to lose more than 20% of your starting weight. Even better you will know how to keep it off forever.

As a student of Lifestyle 180 I’ll teach you, step by step, exactly how to do that. And if you’re limited in mobility or have special dietary needs don’t worry about it. My program meets you where you are and as I’m famous for saying, if necessary, I can get you lean sitting on the couch.

Let’s be real. Weight loss can be hard even with all the right elements in place. But you know what? Living life too heavy is VERY hard. Doing Lifestyle 180 and losing this weight won’t be as hard as going to bed and waking every day in regret. And it sure as heck won’t be as hard as living sick, fat and completely out of gas.

A Different, Better Program With a Better Ending

Although it might feel like it, you haven’t tried every program. You haven’t worked with me. My book, my approach, my course is better and different than any other and it has a different ending than all the others. Check out some of my other successful graduates. Like them, you can achieve the body, the health and the life you desire. You won’t achieve it doing the same thing you’ve been doing, but you WILL achieve it with me, my team approach and the step-by-step education system you get as a student in Lifestyle 180.

Say Yes to Yourself

If you’re ready to proudly attend all of the graduations and weddings of children and grandchildren, to once again feel comfortable in and out of your clothes, to enjoy the second half of your life, off medications, and without worrying so much about health conditions, to be a more positive influence on family and friends and to have the energy and enthusiasm to live life to the fullest, then you need to say yes to yourself, know you deserve this for yourself and also rest easy knowing Lifestyle 180 is 100% guaranteed and you are working with the very best.

100% No-Worry Guarantee

Enroll and try it for two weeks for zero cost. If it’s not for you just let me know and I’ll drop you out with no charges. And if you complete the course and you’re not thrilled with your results let me know and I’ll refund you with no strings attached. It’s that simple.

Do Lifestyle 180 With Someone You Love, Have More Fun, Be More Successful and Save $$

We’re all wired pretty much the same in that we’re not going to share something with a loved one unless we really like it and believe in it. The last thing any of us wants to do is steer our loved ones the wrong way.

Over the 17 years I’ve been conducting my classes something I’ve notice over and over is Lifestyle 180 is something my students are proud of. They tell their doctor about it, their friends, and most impressively for me, they tell their most beloved family.

Lifestyle 180 is the program you recommend to the ones you love.

“Googs”, a busy CPA, did Lifestyle 180 first and lost over 100lbs. Still a work in progress he recommended it to Mom.

It became quite clear where Googs got his tenacity from. Mom (Judith), an RN, graduated the 18-week course and lost 52 pounds.

Both Googs and Judith got their tuition reimbursed for being top students in their class. Not only did they succeed but they got to lose the weight for FREE.


Check out Ken and his Sister Tammy too. Ken, a chemistry teacher, did the program first, losing over 50 pounds. Tammy saw her Brother’s results and joined the next semester. As Tammy, a Registered Nurse, says, “The hardest part was admitting to my Brother he was right!”


Carol, a Doctor of Physical Therapy first did the program and then her Sister Jan, an Occupational Therapist, followed suit. Can barely tell they’re sisters right? Wow!


Daniel, an engineer, first did the program and lost over 50 pounds. Two semesters later, Wife Connie, a piano teacher, enrolled, lost all the weight she wanted and graduated. Now, together, they live a healthy, lean lifestyle.

Now’s the time to not only get personally fired up to start this Wednesday but also to get your best friend, spouse, partner, relative or co-worker to do it with you! Badger, pester, taunt, shame, do whatever you have to and convince someone you love to do Lifestyle 180 with you.

Not only will you have more fun and be more successful if you do Lifestyle 180 with someone but you both save money. Bottom line? One of you pays full price, the other gets in for half off. If it were me and a friend we’d just split the cost 50:50.

My Certainty is Greater Than Your Doubt

Hundreds of graduates have told me their thinking, prior to taking a deep breath and clicking the ENROLL NOW button, was “If I don’t start-I can’t fail again.”

But over the decades I’ve been coaching weight loss literally hundreds of graduates have personally told me the “don’t start-can’t fail” statement is just a protective cover up and is not what they really feel inside.

You know how the other diet-programs end. They end with you regaining some, all, or more than all the weight you lost using their program. This time the ending will be different.

If you have doubts, fears or concerns that you’ll start and fail then as the founder and head Coach let me say this “My certainty is greater than your doubt.” This time you will be successful. You can lose the weight one more time for the last time.

How can I be so certain? Decades of experience working with thousands of successful students since 1999.

You haven’t tried everything. You haven’t you haven’t had the power of T-E-A-M and Lifestyle 180 working for you. Your story, this time, has a different, better ending. This time you win!

This time the ending will be different because Lifestyle 180 is different.

Neither I nor the program I created is going to lie or mislead you. I won’t tell you that some miracle pill, powder, potion or secret exercise regimen is going to be your simple weight-loss miracle. There is no such thing. Weight-loss, in our modern environment, is complex but Lifestyle 180 is a real lifestyle-education program that simplifies the processes necessary to help you get and keep the weight off permanently.

Afraid You’ll Fail Again? You’re Not Alone

Check out what one graduate had to say on the subject of them being afraid to start because of their fear of failing again.

“I was scared half to death when I first thought about enrolling in this course. What if I fail? Am I going to waste my money again? What if I can’t meet the requirements? What if I don’t pass?
I’m middle-aged and my hip hurts. What if the exercise demands are too much? This guy says I don’t scare him but he doesn’t really know my secret eating issues.

What will happen when he finds out?

So I thought about it for a couple days. I prayed about it. I read the letter and watched the video again and again. I finally just decided to take a leap of faith, believe in myself one more time and go for it.

I thought to myself `If I don’t start I don’t fail’ but then realized that everyday I stay too fat I fail. Everyday I don’t take care of myself the way I want to I fail. Everyday I overeat the wrong foods I fail. Everyday my biggest clothes in my closet are all I have left I fail. I’m failing everyday I don’t at least try to get better.

Before I enrolled I was so nervous my hand was shaking. I literally thought I was going to be sick. But then I clicked the enroll link, filled everything out, and as soon as I did this I knew I had done the right thing. I felt a sense of pride and I felt empowered, things I hadn’t felt in a long time.

And I’m so glad I did.

I graduated! Woo hoo! Oh, and I lost 53 pounds in just 18 weeks!

Now I feel like I’m unstoppable. Like now that I’ve conquered this behemoth I can conquer anything! What will I do next? Maybe I’ll focus on making us rich! Whatever I choose I have the confidence and a brand new mindset that I know will help me to succeed as I Pursue Worthy Endeavors and Persist Without Exception.

What would I tell someone standing in my shoes before I started? Feel the fear and do it anyway. You’ve got nothing to lose but inches and pounds!”

Feeling Scared is a Good Thing

If you too feel scared to sign up because you think you might fail again that’s actually a good sign.

It may be excitement that feels like fear or it might be genuine fear. But whatever it is it means you’ve realized you’ve found not just something different and new, but something that really can be the solution to your weight fighting problem, once and for all.

What I’ll tell you now is if you’ll listen to me, if you will honor yourself with this gift to you, you absolutely, positively, will be successful like hundreds of other weight fighters just like you have been.

This is not a job for me. It’s my personal mission. I will do everything in my power to make sure you win and meet your weight loss goals.

What Do You Get as a Lifestyle 180 Student?

– Real Coaches providing accountability, support and motivation
– Lose up to 10-percent loss of body weight in the first six weeks
Lose up to 89 pounds in 18 weeks (not a joke)
– Privacy and anonymity-no in-person meetings to attend
– 18 weeks of direct support, education and oversight from Lifestyle 180 Coaches
Guaranteed results-graduate Lifestyle180 and if you haven’t lost at least 10% of your present weight (assuming you have that much to lose) and you aren’t leaner, healthier and more confident about keeping the weight off forever I’ll double your money back.
– Learn how and why to eat right and to consistently make the right choices
Experienced Coaches supporting you who lost their weight with this program in the past
– Daily accountability, motivation and personal support to keep you going strong and consistent
– Goal setting for short, medium and long-range success
– New friendships that may last a lifetime
Group support and encouragement
Organized system for recording, tracking and reporting what matters most
– Strength and cardio exercise program for optimal calorie burn, strength and mental sharpness

So now the only thing left to do then is decide if you’re ready to lose the weight one more time for the last time. If you’re ready to say yes to yourself, ready to live without regret and satisfy the piece of you that will never accept less than you know you can achieve, then enroll now so you can be assured of getting the best discounts and I’ll see you on campus really soon.

You deserve this.
You deserve to be your best.

Serving you to turn your body and your life around,


David Greenwalt B.Sc. – Founder
Certified Wellness Coach (ACSM – Wellcoach)

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