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Founder – Certified Wellness Coach

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What Is Leanness Lifestyle University?

LLU is the first and only complete weight-loss education system delivering real results to real users via the Internet. Since 1999 we’ve been helping women and men from every walk of life lose fat and keep it off while toning and tightening their soft spots.

What Is Lifestyle101?

Lifestyle101 is our FREE 5-day intro to weight loss. As a student you’re taught the fundamentals of quick, intelligent and sustained weight loss with video, printable resources and access to all of the online tools within the LLU campus for five days.

What Is Lifestyle180?

Lifestyle180 is a 20-week,online, lifestyle-education course for permanent weight control. As a Lifestyle 180 student you’re part of a small group of other motivated, like-minded people and you’re never alone. You receive instruction directly from LLU founder and Certified Wellness Coach David Greenwalt. You’ll receive accountability, motivation and support from experienced Assistant Coaches who have graduated the course.